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Baby Showers

Today I thought that I would share some of the things that I have learned over the years in regards to organizing a baby shower. Especially the things that I have learned about organizing baby showers for girls.

Baby Girl Showers

While it might just seem like a different flavor of the same celebration, a baby shower for girls is actually something that is a little different.

What that means is, while there are a lot of different ways to host a baby shower, the most traditional type is actually a gender neutral one. And even though it might seem like a new invention the truth is that the ability to tell the gender of a baby the last half of the 20th century. I agree that this is a long time, but it is small when you compare it to the length of time people have been celebrating shower for unborn baby and their mommy.

Before the gender of the baby was able to be accurately predicted the showers were typically bland. It would be better to say that they were generic. Gifts didn’t focus on one gender or the under. Though I am sure that a few people placed more emphasis on one sex or the other.

It wasn’t until medical procedures were more advanced that they were able to start planning more gendered showers.

Unfortunately these types of showers have begun to take a backseat to the idea that the shower can’t reflect a gender.

Baby showers for little girls have become less prominent than they used to, while showers for little boys haven’t really changed. For me this is a little bit of a shame. Because there isn’t a nicer type of shower than one that puts value on the person being born. We have plenty of great ways to do this so that the focus becomes secondary, but is not completely ignored.

Baby showers like: Little Princess or Lady, Under the Sea, or Polka Dot all give you a chance to highlight the fact that a girl will be born without overdoing the fact. This is a good way for you to be PC without compromising the little girl theme of the shower.

Baby Girl Shower Invitations

Now that we have agreed on the importance of celebrating a baby girl shower, let us take a look at where you can get started.

I usually begin with the invitations. If you know the person well you can get a good feel for what they like. And there are a lot of really special invitations for you to choose from when you organize a baby girl shower.

But what makes them special? Because sending cute baby shower invitations for girls isn’t just a nice way to get your guests ready, but it is fitting as well as appropriate. We’ve already looked at the importance of celebrating a baby shower that puts at least some focus on the fact that a girl will be born. When you have made this decision it should be part of the invitation.

Pink is the default color for baby shower invitations for girls, but there are plenty of color options that will work if pink really isn’t so much your thing.

I would suggest that you stay within the pastel range when you go for colors that might not be perceived as being for girls. Thankfully there are a lot of colors that work well, and you would actually need to be more considerate with the overall design than with the colors.

There are plenty of great examples of invitations that use colors that wouldn’t necessarily be seen as ones that are for small girls, however, through consideration to the overall design they make a fantastic first impression.

One way for you to pick an invitation that is ideal for the baby girl shower is to look take mommy’s tastes into consideration.

You can usually find great invitations ideas when you put her front and center.

There are actually a lot of different ways to pick out cards to invite the guests to the shower. While we’ve already looked at a number of them, let’s see what else you can do to find great options.

  • Don’t take the first best baby shower invitation. I often take down a lit of things that I want to see in the design, then I find different options that work with the various aspects that I have written down. This generally leads to a number of different options that you can then work off. While not all of them will work out, through a process of elimination you can actually find designs that you might not have first considered. This often leads you to an original take on the invitation. And if you can be original in the early phases of planning you can do so throughout the entire process.
  • Just like with the baby shower invitation itself, you shouldn’t rely on one single source for these ideas. I will generally look at a couple of different sites. Tiny Prints has good options as well as a couple of other sites that are less known. When you shop around you can often find a lot of variation in the overall designs. Since each merchant designs different invitations, and each one has a different take on what makes a great baby shower you can find the one that fits your tastes the best.
  • As you are certain to notice the different sites also offer a number of different styles with their own unique touch. Today it is easy to find really professional invitations, printed with high quality techniques that we’re available to us before. Things like glitter and foil stamps are all easy to obtain. Of course not everyone offers the same features, nor do they offer them at the same price. This is also a reason to shop around.

I’m certain that you’ve got your own ideas of what the perfect invitation looks like. And if you haven’t I am certain that you are coming up with ideas on what might work.

This stage of planning a baby shower is really fun. I almost like to think of it as indulgent. The reason I say that is as follows, if you place the importance on what is special about the occasion, if you are honest about how it is best organized, and understand that you don’t need to feel guilty for choosing one that is for a little girl then you will do alright.

There are few occasions where all of this comes together, there are fewer occasions that have as much importance as the birth of a child.

For all of these reasons I like to start here, it gives you an exceptional chance to address all of them in an honest way. This is also a good start for the next points we will cover.

Shower Plans

As a whole a baby shower is one of those special occasions that have one the ones side a long history, a traditional feel that makes the seem intimidating. On the other side they are very informal affairs when you are finished with the preparation and your guests are all in the door.

Because of this almost everybody that is asked to plan a baby shower is nervous, at least at first. Even if they have planned a shower before the idea of taking on this much responsibility might seem like more than they can handle.

But when you plan a baby shower you can break up the different tasks so that instead of one big challenge you are left with smaller, more manageable pieces.

This is the true strategy to success that you can employ for just about every occasion you plan. And it is the sign of a true hostess.

We’ve looked at what I feel is an important first step in planning a baby girl shower. That is finding a fitting design for the invitation that you can use to make clear decisions for the rest of your shower plans. It is important to note that I said a find a design. That doesn’t mean that you should rush out and purchase them just yet.

Now that we have an invitation picked out for the baby shower we need to finalize a couple of different aspects of the celebration before we can accurately purchase invitations.

You have probably seen what we need to do next. Before we can order the invitations we need to know how many guests will be attending. Well, actually the guests that plan to attend need to receive an invitation first. That means that we need to put together a guest list.

The guest list doesn’t need to be set in stone, it should give you a close estimate of the number of invitations you will need, however. Unlike other larger types of affairs you will more often than not be adding guests to the list as time comes to send the invitations out and wait for the RSVPs.

The reason that this happens is that people who might not have been on the initial list will express interest. For other special occasions where a large guest list is put together you will usually invite everyone from the beginning that might have interest in attending.

Now that you have a list of guests in mind you can start to finalize the rest of your plans. This is where you need to make a couple of different decisions.

Will you hosting it on the weekend? In general this is the best time to host a shower since the majority of your shower guests will have free time to come and celebrate with you. Set a time and date that will work for the largest number of guests.

If you intend to welcome men as well to the baby shower it is wise to include this in the text that you write for your invites. When the invitation is extended to men it is important to make it formal. When it is only through word of mouth many men will skip the baby shower out of the fear that they will be the only one present. By including the coed aspect on the card you will get a better turnout and in turn have more fun.

You can use the invitation as a corner stone for other plans. And that means everything from theming the event to making thoughts about the food.

By having a clear idea of what you to achieve you can do a better job making the plans. But for those of you who are still uncertain what to do next you can use the following resources for information on how to plan your shower.

Baby Shower Resources

The different aspects we’ve covered will give you a chance to get your baby shower going without much effort. But if you are looking for help in planning the finner detail of the party you will want to consult some of the professionals.

There are plenty of great places for you to learn the finer points of a baby shower. I’ve put together a list of some of the best baby shower resources that I have come across for those of you that are still looking for help getting your shower planned.

  1. Downloadable Baby Shower Checklists
    Pinterest has plenty of different resources for you to use when it comes to planning a party. But one of the most joyful celebrations, the baby shower has lots of great checklists that you can download and print out. This will allow you to stay on track as well as on schedule.
  2. Planning the Perfect Shower
    The site it likely the most known and trusted name online when it comes to new parents. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have something for baby shower hostesses though. This puts the checklists into words, giving you a good idea of what is ahead of you when you plan the perfect shower.
  3. Baby Shower Ideas
    I usually think of invitations when I hear the name Tiny Prints. But that doesn’t mean that they do not have good information related to the parties they sell invitations for. This page is a great place to look if you really want to come up with some creative ideas for the party.
  4. Creative Baby Shower Themes
    Like, The Bump is one of those old trusted sites that gives out a lot of information for new parents. The page that I linked to has a number of different themes that fit with a baby shower for girls.

As an added bonus!

Surprise Baby Showers

Sometimes it can be a lot of fun to surprise mommy with, well a surprise baby shower. And just like any surprise party keeping the celebration a secret is the hardest part. This is especially true when you will need to keep it secret from a close friend or family member.

One of the most difficult parts about organizing a surprise shower is what you will want to organize it so that the guest of honor is really caught unaware when they actually come to the shower. That means that you can’t make the invitation to come visit or a invitation to go out to eat seem like it is out of place. Either of these two can be a tip off for the guest of honor. They might act surprised, but they will later confide in you that they suspected that you had one planned.

When you plan a baby shower there are a lot of different things that you will need to prepare. When you do that in secret there is a little bit of extra effort involved. But if mommy is a person that loves a good surprise and you get the shower planned in secret a surprise baby shower is definitely well worth it.

Here is a great video that shows how a well planned baby shower can be a surprise.

The most interesting part of the video is in the first couple of seconds, there is no doubt that she was surprised by the sudden shower. The video is also really nice because it shows a baby girl shower with the whole couples shower aspect merged almost perfectly.

I am almost certain that everybody that was involved had a great time.

This is why baby showers, no matter if they are for little boys or girls are so important.

They give you a chance to bond with your family and friends. People that will be their in the child’s life as they grow and develop.

So you see, not only are they a lot of fun but they also play an important role in the group dynamic. I am a strong proponent for celebrating baby showers. When you have a little girl, deciding to have one with here in the spotlight is an important first step in helping her adjust to the world that she will enter live.

Shower Recap

I want to recap the most important parts of planning a baby girl shower.

  • Plan around a certain theme. Use the idea and find the fitting invitation for the baby shower.
    1. Use the baby shower invitation as a guide to help shape the party atmosphere.
    2. Make a list of different ideas and find the right invitation for each. You will often find different designs that might fit your plans for the baby girl shower better.
    3. Shop around. Look at different offers from a variety of printers. There are a lot of different types of invitations. Some of them include glitter and foil print options.
  • Make sure that you finalize all of the main aspects of the shower as soon as possible. Once you have an idea of what you will need, you can begin making plans.
  • View the baby shower as a celebration made up of many small pieces rather than a single whole. This will allow you to work the different parts off as you go instead of being overwhelmed.

Outside of those points the rest is up to you.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your baby shower a hit. And when it is all over and done, the one thing that you want to look back and see is that the shower was fun, that you guests were entertained, and that mommy will have a memory that will last her a lifetime.

Baby showers for little girls are fun and at the same time rewarding. When you can achieve that you’ve done a wonderful job.

For those of you who are apprehensive about the entire topic. It is important to note that you are in good hands. There are plenty of women, aunts, sisters, friends, and mothers who have taken the challenge of organizing a baby shower for their niece, sister, friend or daughter and done a wonderful job. The ones that do the best when it comes to mastering the task are the ones that enjoy the experience.

When you approach the shower with the same mindset you can be sure your efforts will be dually noticed.

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