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Baby Watoto

Helping those in need is something close to my heart. Helping those that can’t help themselves is the ultimate act of caring. When you raise a child you understand just how much you are needed. And when the primary caregiver isn’t there the chances of survival are slim. Baby Watoto gives children aged 0-2 years old a chance. Their incredible gift is one that should inspire us in our daily lives, and encourage us to do better, to help those that need us most.

At Baby Watoto, care is provided to destitute babies aged 0-2 years, giving them the best possible start in life. When they are older and physically well enough, they either graduate to a Watoto village or are reunited with existing relatives.

Raised By Community

Watoto cares for almost 3,000 children. To date, 154 of these have come full circle through the program and are now productive citizens. They have been given back the potential to fulfill their dreams. They were rescued as orphans by social workers, nurtured and cared for by loving moms, educated by teachers, healed physically and emotionally by caring doctors and counselors, spiritually disciplined by pastors, and supported by generous sponsors and friends from around the world. It took a community to raise each one of these children.
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