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Updates on Baby Showers

I have been working on updating one of the most popular pages to add more information about baby shower for girls. When I originally wrote it, it was more of a framework for you to get an idea of how a baby shower flows together. It was never intended to become a tutorial or planning help. But the more interest I got the more I have expanded the different sections to give you a better look at what takes place behind the curtain.

As it stands now I don’t see a lot of options to add to it.

One thing that you might enjoy, however, are the other resources that I tried to add to the page.

There are a lot of different ways to plan a baby shower, you can also do a lot to give it the personal touch that is important to hosting a successful party.

Throwing a shower for a baby girl is a really rewarding experience, and no matter if you are a first timer or if you have hosted a couple over the years they are always a lot of fun.

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